Every Thai food lover's delight.

Welcome To Suanplu Thai Cooking Class

We are a heaven for Thai cuisines lovers. 

Of course we are Thai and Thai foods have been in our taste buds since our birth. We grew up with it in our blood.
However, we are beyond the how-to-cook-Thai-dishes point. We are here to show you the beauty of cooking Thai dishes and the mysterious secrets to becoming a master of Thai chefs.

Who We Are

This class has a very friendly environment. The instructor will guide you through the Thais' market life in the morning class and she will bring the market to you during the afternoon class.

The instructor has had her own experiences abroad and understands how your lifestyle would be.  She will show you how to choose fresh from the start and how to make Thai dishes at your own peace with the substitution of ingredients you may find in your country.

She will show you step-by-step on how to choose and prepare every ingredient hands on before you, and she will answer all your questions and assist you through out your session.


"I enjoyed the cooking class very much. The ingredients were very fresh and the instructor was very helpful."

— Frank J. Chorman